The Objects Of Our Desires

by Laura t Leif and Amber Phelps Bondaroff

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The Objects of our Desires is a collaborative project between Laura T Leif and Amber S Phelps Bondaroff, conducted over a ten day period between February 7th and 17th two thousand and ten, in and around the space under a bed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Over the course of this ten day project we wrote, recorded and performed eight original "serenades" for household items that needed cheering up after many long and arduous days of Montreal winter gloom. The participating objects (as well as some plants and animals,) were submitted by their human owners prior to the commencement of the project.

Through the inquiry as to why a particular item was selected by it's owner, and the exploration of it's physical properties, we observed many parallels between the inanimate/domestic and the human. What do the things around us tell us about inner states, weaknesses, loves and anxieties? Histories, inter-woven, animate with inanimate, revealing pains left to incubate over a long winter. The intimate nature of the performances established a comfortable setting for musical collaboration, with emphasis on healing of the subjects' wounds.

In addition to the musical component of this project, the process of co-habiting a small and intimate space was well considered and documented. Routines were established and analysed, work methods combined and explored, likes and dislikes compared, cut and seasoned.


released April 1, 2010



all rights reserved



Drone folk from the tall grass

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Track Name: cup for two
not as blue as you used to be
a cup for twos good enough for me
when you're around it's so easy to please
brew up a cup of apocopies

and in the morning
you listen intently
holding the grounds of
what you know about me.

your voice got boiled into a song
stewed steeped sipped gurgling
bubbling along

don't get bored with your only routine
your enamel's the best that I've seen
sane old thing daily makes you kind of pretty
the sky and the smog resting over the city

my dear, my dear...

and in the winter
don't let your beans freeze
i'll take you with me
across the prairies

i'll take you with me, I'll take you with me
Track Name: good cat, bad cough
caught in a tree
under a car
fur in your throat
can't get very far
with only three legs
a stump for a tail
scratched out your eyes
trapped in a well
you got a cough
it's not your fault

your throat hurts
like cat claws are stuck in it
or some bad karmic trick
it's not your fault

sometimes you cry blood
have to poo in a box
you don't hear metal enough

it's not your fault

you run into walls
your eyes they cry blood!!
you hate whistling
you hate whistling
horrible human but a wonderful cat

it's not your fault
Track Name: object surprise
paul lost his gloves right off his hands
later he found them in a garbage can